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IndieSpace is excited to open our 2024 MEGA Community Resource Lottery! This year IndieSpace has decided to hold one MEGA lottery rather than two smaller ones. So make sure you look over all of the wonderful offerings and apply for any and all that interest you! This will be one application for 8 lotteries! You are welcome to apply using the same application on behalf of yourself or an entity you represent. Apply for one, two, or ALL of these amazing offerings in ONE application. These offerings are in collaboration with Benvenuti Arts, Inclusive Communication Services, Theatre Advocacy Project, Joseph O’Malley Photography, Forge NYC, Ensemble Consulting, Debora Balardini and Privy Consulting. Be sure to read instructions around each offering AND be sure that you can commit to the opportunity BEFORE submitting an application for it. You may apply to AS MANY offerings as you would like and you are eligible for. You will only be able to receive ONE so that we can spread the opportunities out to as many people and companies as possible.


OFFERING #1: For Two Applicants — ASL Services for production from Inclusive Communication Services (For Companies, Venues, or Productions)

Inclusive Communication Services is a woman-owned accessibility agency providing accommodation services for the Deaf, Blind, and non-English speaking. Their mission is to improve inclusion in local communities through affordable, quality accommodations. For this lottery, ICS is offering ASL interpreting services for two companies, one production each (up to 3 hours) at no cost to the participant. Valued at $500 each - FREE FOR YOU

More information about Inclusive Communication Services can be found here. 

OFFERING #2: For Three Applicants —Participation in ONE of Benvenuti Arts Summer Session Series   (For Companies or Venues)

It is the mission of Benvenuti Arts to provide professional expertise in fundraising and management to the organizations and artists creating the most exciting, innovative art out there. We work with clients no matter the size, and we adapt our work to fit their unique circumstances. Benvenuti Arts has adapted their own planning and writing processes (typically $3,500 - $5,000 each) and created three, multi-part sessions in which they will teach you how to create the documents listed below, give you the time to work on them in the meetings, provide peer and consultant feedback, then advise you on how to use the documents moving forward.

There are three types of Sessions!  However, each winning applicant will receive access to ONE  session. 

  • Operations Planning: You will create a simple three-year operating plan with annual goals, quarterly metrics for year one, and a three–year budget based on the plan. Note: This is not a full strategic planning process, which is typically longer with stakeholder interviews and Board support. Instead we will help you determine what their ambitious and achievable goals are in this process.

  • Fundraising Planning: You will create a one-year fundraising plan that includes a robust grants calendar with solid prospects, the outline for an individual campaign, and a calendar that includes these items, as well as cultivation, events, and more, as is appropriate for each group.

  • Boilerplate Writing: You will be walked through the creation of a robust boilerplate of language that can then be used in grant writing, along with Consultant and peer feedback to help you clarify your language.

Each Summer Session includes:

  • Three Consultant-led working meetings of 2 to 2.5 hours focused on the creation of documents, based on Benvenuti Arts’ own processes for creating them;
  • Two 30-minute one-on-ones with a Benvenuti Arts Consultant to go over your work, independent from the group, providing insight and edits;
  • Templates and tools for all documents;
  • Training for how to use the documents in a practical way throughout your year; and
  • Peer feedback from others in the Session (each Session has space for up to 10 groups).

More information about Benvenuti Arts can be found here. 

OFFERING #3: For Four Applicants — Membership in the 12 Month TAP Consortium Program  from Theatre Advocacy Project (For Companies ONLY)

Theatre Advocacy Project (TAP) is a women-founded HR company whose vision is to help create a future where all theatre professionals are safe from discrimination, harassment, and abuse, allowing for the advancement of braver, more collaborative, and exploratory art-making. They offer HR Services, DEI training, accountability partnership to arts organizations. 

TAP House Membership is a comprehensive package tailored to meet the unique HR and DEI needs of theatre organizations. Through membership you gain access to our suite of workplace culture tools and become listed as a TAP House, signifying your commitment to creating safe, equitable, and accountable theatre culture. For the first time, we are creating a shared membership model with four organizations. These organizations will work together as a cohort to engage in learning, and build policies and practices to create safe and equitable workplace culture. For more infomation on the consortium,please check out these FAQs. 

Applicant Requirements:

  • A commitment to creating safe and equitable theatre practices. 
  • Applicants should be associated with a theatre company, organization, or collective. This opportunity is not designed for individual artists. 
  • A willingness to make a 12 month commitment with an expectation to show up with consistency to cohort meetings, workshops, etc.
  • Applicants need to have some administrative “staff,” whether full-time, part-time, volunteer based, or a combination. There should be a core team working to bring productions to fruition and build workplace culture, that is willing and able to commit to working with a cohort of fellow theatre leaders to build HR and DEI practices.
  • Organizations should be working on producing 1-3 productions within the year. 

Valued at $1,750/organization - FREE FOR YOU

For more information on TAP, click here

OFFERING #4: For Two Applicants — 90 Minute Headshot Session from Joseph O’Malley Photography (For Individuals)

Joseph O'Malley (they/she) is a photographer and filmmaker from New York. They started their career as a theater photographer and video producer for several major non-profits, and now work primarily as an independent artist. They've shot projects with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony, and Golden Globe winning artists, and her photography has been featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and numerous other publications. For headshot & portrait photography, Joseph works with clients to create a comfortable space where they can be their authentic selves. Joseph aims for all her clients to feel confident that their headshots represent them truthfully and at their best. 

Valued at $600/session- FREE for you 

For more information on Joseph’s work, click here

OFFERING #5: For Five Applicants — a spot at ForgeFuel Artist Retreat for Writers on August 23-25 (For Individuals)

Facilitated by Co-Founder + Partner Greg Taubman, FORGE Fuel retreats offer an escape from the rhythms of city life and a chance to spend a weekend working in the company of like-minded creators. Set at a quiet country farmhouse in a pastoral corner of Connecticut, with plenty of opportunities for feedback and collaboration, FORGE Fuel provides the ideal conditions for lighting a fire from your creative spark.

Valued at $200/person - FREE for you 

FORGE FUEL participants receive:

  • A dedicated weekend for creative work, with optional share-back sessions.
  • A cohort of like-minded artists.
  • Opportunities for producorial and dramaturgical feedback from FORGE.
  • Space to eat, sleep, and work in comfort for the duration of the weekend in Danbury, CT.
  • Meals curated by FORGE and prepared communally.
  • Logistical support to and from the Retreat.
  • 10 acres of stunning property to muse, roam, and explore, including a pool!; Perfect for jumpstarting any process, just 90 minutes outside of NYC.

Participants are responsible for:

  • Commitment to abide by the code of conduct. And to treat the space and other attendees with generosity and respect. 
  • Travel to and from Danbury, CT (By car or by rail to Brewster Station off the Metro-North Harlem Line).
  • Their own alcohol or specialty snacks (if desired).


The retreat takes place August 23-25. **Please be sure you can attend the retreat during this time frame and put a tentative hold in your calendar now to avoid conflicts if your name is chosen in the lottery.**

For more information on Forge Fuel, click here

OFFERING #6: For Three Applicants —Behavioral Integrative Therapy session with Debora Balardini (For Individuals)

Step into a transformative journey with Debora Balardini's enriching Behavioral Integrative Therapy. Delve into the realm of holistic wellness, where body language, hatha yoga, and ideokinesis converge to illuminate the path to a more fulfilling life. In this immersive 2-hour session, you'll experience body reading, learn the five principles of integrative therapy, and unlock their myriad benefits. Discover the power of breathwork as you learn to harmonize your mind and tap into your life's purpose. Through gentle guidance, release physical tension and uncover the subtle cues that reveal underlying emotions. Embrace the practice of Interoception to attune to your body's wisdom, shedding light on past traumas and deep-seated emotions. With Debora's expertise as a performer, theatre director, and artist's coach, this session transcends traditional therapy, offering tools to integrate mind, body, and spirit. 

Valued at $200/session -FREE FOR YOU!


OFFERING #7: For One Applicant —Consulting Package with Ensemble Consulting (For Companies, Venues, or Productions)

Ensemble Consulting envisions a world in which a thriving arts and culture sector is the backbone of a society that is evolving in equitable, generative, and sustainable ways. They support leaders and organizations taking us there through inclusive and values-aligned change processes that help you realize your collective potential. They are offering a strategic thinking and planning package designed to inspire, refocus and springboard you and your team to move forward on your aspirations. The package includes:

  • 1-hour project planning session with Leadership
  • 3-hour in person Deep Dive Workshop with 3-6 member Core Team that includes Artistic Leadership and other important perspectives with workshop space provided
  • Initial Draft Overview Document of all we’ve mapped
  • 90 minute Virtual Follow Up meeting with Core Team to review the Overview Document, further develop it, and identify strategic priorities and related actions.
  • 1-hour wrap up meeting with leadership to finalize documentation and strategize next steps.

More information here.

Valued at $2500. FREE to you


OFFERING #8: For One Applicant — Privy Producing Collective Producing Assets Package (For Companies, Collectives, or Productions)

Privy Producing Collective is an NYC-Based Producing collective made up of Bailey Williams, Theresa Bucheister and Julia Greer. They have each produced on many different scales wearing countless hats –  taking projects from concept to presentation all over New York and beyond.  They came together over a belief that artists and indie companies should be empowered to make and present their own work. For this Lottery, PPC is offering a Producing Assets Package including Budget Templates, Contract Templates and Guides to each template as well as a meeting to answer any questions about making your project happen and what steps to take next. The offered meeting is 90 minutes. This meeting can be in person or in zoom, whichever the recipient prefers. In the meeting we can discuss a specific project they are in the midst of producing or theoretical questions based on their past experiences and future goals. 

Valued at $250 - FREE FOR YOU


This application is open to any NYC-based Indie theater artists in need of these resources. This will NOT be a weighted lottery.


To apply for the lotteries, please complete the application below. We estimate that this application should take most people 20 minutes or less to complete. If you have any questions about the application or need assistance completing the application via video call, please reach out to our Programs Manager at veshonte@indiespace.org.


Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, June 19th end of the day!  Eligible applicants will then be entered into the lottery drawings, which will take place on Friday, April 21st.  If you enter multiple lotteries you will only be eligible to win a max of ONE OFFERING. If you win a lottery, your name will be pulled from the pot for the subsequent lottery pulls.  Applicants will be notified of the lottery results by June 26th. .

*We will be using the Random Picker software to run our lotteries. Screen recordings of each lottery will be made and are available to review by request.

About This Grant:

As part of our Community Resource Program, the Indie Theater Fund has opened an Emergency Mental Health fund that will be awarding individuals $500 micro grants for indie theater makers to use toward therapy, medication, meditation classes, and any other mental health related costs. It is our hope that by providing this financial resource, we can help remove barriers that prevent artists from seeking and receiving the care, support, and information they need to care for their mental health. 

Who is Eligible?:

This application is open to any NYC-based Indie theater artist in need of mental health funds, even if you have previously been awarded this grant. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply, but funds will be prioritized to BIPOC, Trans/Non-Binary, disabled, and immigrant artists.

Application Process: 

To apply for funds, please complete the application below. This application should take you 10 minutes or less to complete. If you have any questions about the application or need assistance completing the application via phone, please reach out to our Programs Manager at veshonte@indiespace.org

Payment Process:

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed by our staff on the last Monday of each month. You will receive a notification of your application status by the Wednesday of that review week. Eligible applicants will then be entered into that month's lottery*, with priority* being given to BIPOC, Trans/Non-Binary, disabled, and immigrant artists. Priority will also be given to applicants who have not been awarded with a previous Mental Health Microgrant.

Any eligible applicant whose number was not pulled will roll over into the next month's lottery. This process will continue each month until all applicants have received a grant. A max of $10,000 will be given out each month.

Randi and I are continuously working hard to advocate for and grow our new Mental Health initiative. Our goal is to be able to serve every artist in need of this funding, and though it may take time, we will continue to raise and allocate funds in order to do so. 

Please note that if you are an individual who has already received funding from us in 2023, you will be prompted to upload a W-9 into your application in order to receive funds again. If you need a blank copy of a W-9, you can download one here.

*We will be using the Random Picker software to run our grant lotteries. Screen recordings of each lottery will be made and are available to review by request. 

*Priority is given via a weighted lottery system. All applicants who identify as BIPOC, Trans/Non-Binary, disabled, and/or immigrant artists will be given a weight of 2. An additional point will be given to those who have not received Mental Health previously.  

*Starting with the January 2024 lottery, applicants will be able to receive the Mental Health grant no more than twice in a calendar year. Once you have received it twice, any subsequent applications will be declined. 

About The Emergency Grant:
The IndieSpace Emergency Fund provides grants to arts organizations who have experienced a sudden loss or unforeseen circumstance that will impact their ability to move forward with a production (i.e. broken equipment, an ill artist etc.) Emergency Grants are not available to fill a gap in your fundraising efforts.

Grants will occasionally be provided to individuals facing a hardship that doesn't fall within one of our other grant programs for individuals.

About the Loan Program:

The IndieSpace Loan Program is meant for those with emergencies that are temporary and where funds are anticipated. We are happy to offer loans with 0% interest and flexible repayment terms to be determined together. 

Who is Eligible?:
This application is open to any NYC-based Indie theater company or venue. Indie theater venues are considered theaters or performance spaces with 99 seats or less. Emergency grants are given on a rolling basis, however, we do prioritize funding to companies or venues that are BIPOC, Trans & Non-Binary, Immigrant, and/or Disabled/Deaf run and operated. Individuals may also apply for funds, but they are limited and are only given on a case by case basis.

Application Process:
To apply for funds, please complete the application below. We hope this application will not take a long time to complete. Please note that this application will require some documentation uploading as support to your application. Please have any of the following ready and on hand to submit, if applicable: insurance claim, production or operating budget, photos of space or production damage, etc.  

If you have any questions about the application or need assistance completing the application via phone, please reach out to our Executive Director, Randi Berry, at randi@indiespace.org.

Payment Process:

  • Applications will be accepted and reviewed by our staff and board within 24hrs of receipt. We aim to respond with application status update by email and/or payment details within 2 days of your submission. Funds will be paid out via PayPal or check depending on what you selected in your application. Zelle and ACH are also an option that can be discussed via email once the grant is approved.

Additional Info:

  • We can not guarantee a payout of the full amount requested in your application. Grants may equal up to 25% of the total in the Emergency Fund pool at the time of the application.
  • Grants can not be made to an organization to fill shortfalls in organizational budgets or fundraising as this is an unfortunate circumstance that many in our community are facing and we do not have the resources to support everyone in this way. If you are unsure or have questions about the emergency you are facing and want to discuss eligibility, please email randi@indiespace.org

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